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Our Story
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Our Story

Everyone has a story.

You have a story.

We have a story.

Maybe, we'll have a story together?

Life Church was founded in 1933; in 12 short years we will be 100 years old and we trust that God's got some great things in store for that party! As a church we have had several incredible pastors and leaders, we have had local and global impact, and we trust that God has us here today, for "such a time as this." 


Life Church is a Foursquare associated church. Our beliefs are in line with what the Foursquare Church believes, and our pastors are trained and certified through the Foursquare Church.  For a comprehensive overview of what we believe please click the logo below. Here you will find our beliefs about salvation, the eternal God-head, the Word of God, the Christian walk, the spirit-filled life, and the afterlife, along with scripture that correlates with our beliefs.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission at Life Church  is to connect people to Jesus.  It is the interwoven principle of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Our commission from Jesus is to bring people to Him and to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind.

Mission & VIsion



As a church we are to gather all types of people; age, race, and gender. We have something for everyone! Jesus came to seek and save the lost: He ate with sinners, He spent time with the forgotten, He had compassion on the broken. Creating a place for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus is of the utmost priority.



God loves us for who we are, He just refuses to leave us that way. God’s calling on our life is to become like Christ, His Son. Salvation is key to relationship; transformation and growth are vital to the stability, longevity and consistency of our relationship with Christ. 



After a time of connecting in community, transforming our hearts and giving to the kingdom, one will begin to realize that God might actually be calling them to more – to Go! From following to leading, attending to commitment, volunteering to responsibility – in one way or another, God will be leading you to go. When you do you’ll gather people, you’ll grow and you’ll give Him all you have.




Jeff Young
Senior Pastor


Charissa Young
Senior Pastor


Chris Reyes
Associate Pastor


Bob Leahey
Associate Pastor


Lana Leahey
Associate Pastor


Jeff & Jenny Wright
Youth Pastors


Heidi Wills
Life Kids Director


Jessica Ordaz


Dale Wymore
First Impressions

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